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Adult Diapers ( 10 Pcs)


As people grow older, their health deteriorates and they face a slew of new problems. Bladder incontinence seems to be a prevalent problem among the elderly, while some also have bowel incontinence. Their confidence can be severely harmed if they are unable to control their urinary or bowel motions. Adults can deal with this issue courteously and appropriately, that is, they can use adult diapers.

Features of adult diaper –

Adult diapers wholesale include a flexible cloth-like layer that offers a great deal of comfort and prevents skin irritation.
• It offers protection from leakage.
• Adult diapers come in a variety of sizes, such as Small, Medium, and Large. Adult diapers XL are also available.
• The top-quality adult diapers are those that provide up to 16 hours of absorption and protection.

Advantages of adult diapers –

These adult diapers Delhi help in the management of urinary problems among adults. These are manufactured with breathable mesh that’s good for the skin. The diapers are easy to wear and remove. They are very efficient at absorbing fluid outflow.


Fully Packed 10 Diapers in a bag, 100(10×10) diapers in a Carton

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XL, M, L


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