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Examination Gloves

In hospitals, clinics, as well as other healthcare facilities, examination gloves are commonly used to enable non-invasive medical tests and to minimize the transfer of contaminants between patients and healthcare providers. Latex, polyvinyl chloride, and rubber are among the polymers that are used in manufacturing examination gloves.

Features of Examination Gloves

• These examination gloves come in various sizes including XL, XS, S, M, and L.
• The gloves are clinically tested and are safe to use.
• The examination gloves are made incredibly soft to reduce the alleviate stress on the hands.
• These are also non-sterilized gloves.

Advantages of Examination Gloves

Medical Examination gloves are manufactured specifically for medical checkups, diagnoses, and remedial operations. You can easily handle hazardous pharmaceutical items by wearing these gloves as it offers protection. The nitrile gloves are also resistant to water penetration, rendering them useful for anyone who works in a moist climate. These are durable products and it is surprisingly hard to tear.

STOEGroup is one of the leading examination gloves suppliers and manufacturers. They offer quality products that are 100% safe and reliable. The company was created with the intent of creating everyday life efficient and more comfortable. They also offer examination gloves online to healthcare providers, clinics, and also to other institutions for making their work safe and easy.

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