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Adult Diapers 95gm wt all sizes Absorption 1 ltr


Buy Adult diapers are worn by patients if they have a kidney malfunction resulting in the inability to control the urge to urinate. The patients are recommended to put on diapers that help them to hold the urine without having to rush to the washroom every other time.


● The overnight diapers for adults are useful for bedridden patients who urinate even while sleeping.
● When the conscious control to hold back urine is lost, it helps them to sustain for a long time.
● The diapers for elderly women is manufactured to help them throughout the day by absorbing the liquid whenever they tend to urinate.
● The diapers are used by patients who have completely lost their control over the bladder.

Advantages –

The diapers are of fine quality which makes them a suitable purchase. The chances of skin irritation and rashes are also reduced. Furthermore, the diapers are also available in plastic variants which increases the absorbing capacity of the item.


Bulk Packed 50 diapers in bag

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XL, XS, S, M, L


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