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Underpads for beds are being ultra-absorbent pads that are commonly used to prevent mattresses from urinary leakage. The pad collects leaking fluids and is positioned up or below the mattress. These underpads for beds are mainly being used by adults. These are used in healthcare clinics as well as hospitals to safeguard mattresses and furnishings against urine leakage and also to minimize linens washing.

Features of underpads

• These are typical underpads that can be washed.
• The washable feature also makes them reusable underpads.
• The underpads quickly absorb all the urine and faecal discharges and prevent the mattress from damaging.
• It is 100% leakage-proof.
• The quick absorbency power of the material keeps the inner surface clean and dry.

Advantages of underpads

The most significant advantage is additional cost savings. These washable underpads can be used for a longer period. These are however thicker, and can also be utilized for inpatient care. Underpads that are of good quality remain aligned underneath the patient properly.

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