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Stoe Underpads Size 60*90 (10 Pcs )


Size – 60 x 90 (Large Size) suitable for : adults absorbency : upto 500ml pack size : 100 usage of underpad sheet post operative care, post pregnancy period, hospitalised patients, maternity, general baby care/sleep.
Underpads price can be described as huge rectangular pad that has a waterproof surface as well as a water-absorbing centre. These are intended to prevent surfaces from leakage and are suitable for beds, sofas, and sometimes even vehicle seats and in fact, everything that you wish to protect. Disposable underpads for beds are also available.

Features of disposable underpads

• These underpads are for one-time usage and must be disposed of after that.
• The underpads are reasonably priced.
• The underpads for beds comprise multiple layers inside it and hence are also referred to as ultra-absorbent underpads.
• The inner fabric is comfortable and also doesn’t stick to your body.

Advantages of underpads for bed

Individuals use incontinence supplies including incontinence underpads, incontinence underwear, and perhaps other incontinence solutions. It’s indeed appropriate both for kids and adults that have impaired bowel control. These also can be used to safeguard vehicle seating, chairs, and whatever other place where an individual with incontinence patient might lay or rest.

STOEGroup is here with top-quality incontinence solutions and supplies. The supplies offered by them are skin-friendly for the users and can be placed under the mattresses with absolute ease. These can be easily disposed of and do not contain any hazardous chemicals. The company promotes cleanliness and hygiene in society.

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  • The underpads are soft underpads and has smooth texture
  • The underpads has high absorbtion capacity
  • The underpads are available in the size of 60 cm x 90 cm
  • They come in a standard packing of 10 units per pack

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