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9” Latex Examination Gloves (Powdered) 5gm (100 Pcs)


Latex Examination Gloves powdered include a powder coating in them which makes them simple to slip on and off and the powder keeps the material from adhering to human hands, which is excellent if anyone is continually removing and changing their gloves. The examining gloves have been evaluated for sensitivity and dermatitis and are harmless. These gloves are often referred to as surgical latex gloves are perhaps the most efficient approach to germs, infections, and secretions some of the materials of the most used glove.

Features of Latex Examination Gloves –

• These gloves are available in XL, XS, S, M, L sizes.
• This provides excellent flexibility, tactility, and ease to the user.
• Latex examinations are 100% skin-friendly.
• The gloves are available offered with or even without powders.

Advantages of Latex Examination Gloves –

These Latex Examination Gloves powdered safeguard our hands from harmful or undesirable chemicals. These products are manufactured using soft materials so that it offers comfort and flexibility to the user. These gloves are ideal for healthcare, vehicle maintenance, and fast food preparation purposes. Latex is perhaps one of the most appropriate measures against viruses, germs, and urine samples among the most prevalent gloves fabrics.


100 Gloves in a Dispenser Box, 40 Boxes (10X4) in Carton – 4000 Pcs.

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XL, XS, S, M, L


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